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Shipping Complete & Feedback!


Your Espro Presses have been shipped! The last big batch went out April 20. This is the most important milestone of the project – other than you receiving them! This marks the end of many months of hard work by everyone on the Espro Team, and I want to thank them all for their dedication.

If you haven’t received an email with your tracking number, send us an email ( and we will get it to you.


The proof is in the cup, and it is great to hear your comments. Here are a few!

Wow! It's a completely different tasting coffee. Rich bold full of flavor and. No grit.

…this press makes me want to have coffee 24x7. It's that good.

Got my kickstarter reward for the Espro Press today. The double filtration really delivers a nice cup!

I used my new @esproblog espro press this morning to make amazing coffee. So good.

Made my first batch of coffee today, and fell in love. Great product, and CDN to boot!

Just got my new Espro coffee press via @kickstarter and it is fantastic - brilliant Canadian design

Wer übrigens mal richtig leckeren Kaffee trinken will, sollte sich dieses Ding hier kaufen - der Hammer!

I'm enjoying a cuppa from our new espro press right now. WHOOT WHOOT!

Got mine yesterday, perfect coffee maker!

I got my Espro Press last week! All I can say is wow! The build quality is beyond anything I've seen in any coffeepress and it makes the best coffee I've ever had. This is the best coffee maker I have ever purchased and I'm serious when I say I don't want any other press. Well done Espro!

Received my Espro press late last week, and I have to say I couldn't be happier with the product. Excellent design. Exceptional materials and construction. Really nice to see such a professional and innovative product designed in Vancouver!

Please continue to send us your thoughts!


In April, we were honored to be in the print issue of Popular Science Magazine.

Popular Science has completed a rigorous test of the large press, and has posted a “Testing the Goods” article.

Their verdict:

I like the press a lot! It's a great-looking press pot to have on your counter, or to impress guests, or to medicate several hungover guests from the night before. The thermal insulating works pretty well, and the construction is solid and impressive. The coffee it makes is very good--it definitely achieves its goal to bring a press-pot cup of coffee without the grit, although since it's noticeably lighter and cleaner I'm almost tempted to put it in its own category, as a non-French press. But either way, it makes delicious, non-gritty coffee. It is quite expensive, but given its construction, it seems like it'll last a lot longer than my oh-so-breakable Bodums (plural, sadly, intended), so if you look at it as a long-term machine, it's not really that much to spend.

You can read the full article here.

Now that Popular Science is Espro™ Press powered, expect more great content!

SCAA 2012

Every year, experts and consumers gather at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Symposium and Exposition. This year it was held in Portland, Oregon. We met a lot of great people, saw some old friends, and drank a lot of coffee! It was a fantastic experience.

Here are the before and after shots of our booth.

From start to end, the booth was crammed with people. This is a shot of Chris serving up coffee to the folks from Stumptown – a must visit in Portland.

People loved the design of the large press, and the coffee it made. We brought a few large presses to the show, and they were sold out by the half-way point.

On the last day, people camped out in our booth to buy the presses we used to make coffee during the show (including the one I was using at home!).

We also had an excellent visit from Will and Norm at Will is a big coffee fan – we featured his review of the small press in our Kickstarter campaign. This is a shot of Bruce serving up some coffee from the large Espro press.

This is a shot of Chris, Bruce and David Makin, who was 2nd in the World Barista Championships 2008. He uses our Espro Calibrated tamper, and has a café and roastery in Melbourne, Australia called Axil Coffee Roasters.

This is a rare photo of most of Team Espro (especially rare that we are all stationary)!

We had guest brewers as well. Lalo Perez-Varona (who competed in the SW Regional Brewers Cup with the Espro™ Press) made coffee in the booth for a few hours, and taught us some new techniques. He will be opening up a roastery and café in Mexico City. Jordan Barber (below), NW Regional Brewers Cup winner and USBC competitor, dropped by to check our BIG Press. Jordan has been using the single-serve press in competition this year.

And below is Matt Lewin (Roaster at Axil Coffee in Melbourne, Australia) serving up some gorgeous latte art.

The kind folks at Rancilio loaned us a sweet espresso machine for people to try out our tampers and pitchers. We framed and posted our goal on top of it:

Our goal is to take care of the science of making coffee and espresso so that you can focus on the art.


Thank you all so much. Please continue to send us your feedback on the press - it is truly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Chris, Bruce, and the entire Espro Team