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Espro is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC. Our focus is on designing equipment and accessories that bring precision coffee and espresso to every table. 

Espro began with a simple challenge:  “Can we design a tamper that clicks at 30 lbs of force and improve espresso quality?” The answer - our Espro™ Tamper - started it all, and took our quest to improve coffee around the world. Next was "Why can't steamed milk be consistent?" Enter the Toroid™ Steaming Pitcher - a revolutionary way to control the flow of milk while making espresso based beverages. Then about 2 years ago we asked "Why does French Press coffee taste muddy?" The Espro™ Press was born.

Thankfully, with the help of the coffee community and driven by a passion for precision coffee and espresso, Espro continues to find solutions for these questions.

It's all about style, innovation and pursuit of the perfect cup!

Join us in our pursuit! Take a look at our product pages, find a retailer in your region or join us on twitter and facebook.

Espro products are available through a trusted global network of retailers across Canada, USA, Australia, Asia and Europe. If you want to tell the Espro Story and retail our products please contact us for more information.