The Calibrated Tamper Story

In 2002 I bought a really expensive espresso machine and I still made really bad coffee. The engineer in me got mad (and curious).

Research, trials, tests, prototypes and inventions ensued, and Espro was born of the idea that if you can’t make a great cup every time, something is wrong! It seems to me that we owe it to ourselves, and to the farmers and artisan-roasters that labored to put the perfect beans in your hands, to always try to make the best possible cup.

Drink up!

the espro™ calibrated tamper

30 lb force feedback from a tamper that looks and feels like an ordinary espresso tamper. Variation in tamping force no longer affects espresso quality.
The industry standard for coffee shop quality control.

Award Winning Espresso

Product Specifications

  • Invented, designed and made in Canada, shipped from Canada
  • 30 pound force actuation, factory calibrated
  • Subtle, but satisfying click will not disrupt tamped grounds
  • Solid 1 lb tamper weight, perfectly balanced
  • Stainless steel base and anodized aluminum handle
  • Black handle in flat bases (53, 58 mm) & convex bases (49, 51, 53, 58 mm)
  • Red handle available only in convex base (57 mm)
  • Find what size you need here
  • 1 year no-questions-asked factory replacement warranty
  • Patented

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