The toroid's unique "toroidal" shape works with one hole and multi-hole steam wands.

What our Customers Say

"I like the toroid.
I’ve consistently made microfoam EVERY single time since I first put milk in it. The Toroid was very much a silver bullet for me."

"First go, I found it much easier to produce the best microfoam I have ever all seemed to fall into place much quicker."





courtesy JJ Johnston at DOMA coffee

The Toroid™ Steaming Pitcher

I love lattés. However, when I tried to copy the thick silky foam and the rich milk flavour of my favourite barista, I rarely succeeded. Finding the perfect swirl in my regular pitcher was frustrating and sporadic.

After countless prototypes and lots of input from great baristas, came the Toroid™ pitcher. Finally, I can easily make perfect microfoam every time. Now I am on to perfecting my latte art!

Happy steaming,

the espro toroid™ pitcher

The curves in the walls and base of the toroid™ pitcher ensure that milk circulates exactly the way it should. With the toroid™ pitcher you can produce flawless microfoam more consistently, and pour latté art and cappuccinos with greater control than ever before.

Product Specifications

  • Ergonomic handle ensures balance and control
  • Perfect spout for pouring latte art
  • 12 oz and 20 oz total volume
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • 1-year no-questions warranty
  • Patent pending

Reviews and Discussions

How to Make Perfect Microfoam

  • 12 oz: fill with 3-5 oz (85-150 ml) of chilled milk
  • 20 oz: fill with 6-10 oz (175-300 ml) of chilled milk
  • Steam milk so that the milk-flow forms the toroid shape shown. different positions of the steam wand allow predictable variations in texture of your microfoam
  • Continue steaming until the milk reaches your preferred final temperature, usually 130-150°F (55-65°C)
  • Tap the pitcher on the counter, and then swirl the microfoam to make it even more smooth and consistent
  • Pour and serve