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Dillinger tamper giveaway July 14, 2010!

In honour of the new website we're giving away the farm!!  (Ok, not really, but we will give one of our new Dillinger tampers to a lucky Twitter follower).  Black diamond coated!  Nothing tougher on the market.  When? July 14, 2010.  Follow us on Twitter ( to enter.  

(...and, we're warming up to let some of you try production prototypes of the Espro Press too, so stay tuned!).


dillinger tampers now available at Visions

The harder than hard Dillinger tampers are now available at Visions.


espro 3-cup press launched at SCAA 2010

The espro press is a precision coffee brewer. It preserves all of the freshly brewed flavours and aromas by micro-filtering twice with a unique metal filter.

The great people at safehouse coffee / dirty cup caught it on film. Were about a minute in, after the crazy Comic-Con intro.



dillinger tamper introduced

The dillinger tamper is a new design of tamper. It's made of hardened SS, and has an optional black diamond-like coating. Tough as nails! (Learn more here)


espro calibrated tampers installed in all Second Cup(TM) locations

The espro calibrated tamper has been installed in all Second Cup (TM) locations across Canada.  We are very proud to be their partner in ensuring quality in every cup.  (Learn more about Second Cup...

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